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Few things about Apple which will blow your mind

Steve Jobs, one of the very most enigmatic leaders and innovator of our generation, passed away in the year 2011. But his legacy still lives on and Apple became the most precious business in the world in the year 2014. However, the business nevertheless remains as close as it’s ever been and a lot of matters are only understood by its fanatics. So many fascinating facts exist about this company that you most likely have never heard of, unless of course in case you are an aficionado of Apple’s products and it. Here are some fascinating facts about Apple that will do nothing less than amaze you. The list below presents some unknown facts about Apple who are manufacturers of the ground-breaking iPods and iPads.

Until the rise of Android, everybody knows that Microsoft is probably the biggest enemy of Apple. What a large number of folks are unaware of is the $150 million enterprise that Bill Gates set in the 1997 back in Apple. Looking back at the tech company’s history, you would understand this is the same year Jobs had merely made a recovery to Apple after he had been fired a number of years before and that Apple was on the brink of collapsing. By 2003, Microsoft had totally sold off their shares in Apple yet if they had retained the ownership, in 2014 it’d have been worth a staggering $20 billion – plus.

This is a big event that the entire world takes note of, when Apple is launching a new product. Apple products are frequently the most and this business definitely loves customer loyalty like no other. Thousands of devotees queue for hours each year on the start day only to be the first to purchase new products. There has never been another episode of fans lining up for hundreds of hours on the launching day and this just occurs for Apple. A Japanese man made a brand new record in2014 when the Japanese man chose to wait in front of the shop even before their product had been officially announced by Apple.

More cash was made by Apple than the top 3 technology powerhouses like Google, Amazon and Facebook in the first quarter of 2014. We are aware that Google is the king in regards to search engine. We all know that Facebook is king in regards to social media. In addition, we understand that Amazon is the biggest online shopping shop. But what you likely did not know is that in the first four months of 2014, Apple had more sales than all these businesses joined. More impressively, the total iPhone sales of Apple was at $26 billion and the $20 billion generated by Microsoft as a whole business is not more than that.

Since we’re at the beginning of the brand new millenium, Apple keeps on amazing every one of us at how nicely they have accomplished much. Both as a company and as the Apple brand, they however keep on shattering people’s beliefs of what has been believed as actually achievable. They’re consistently striving to reach newer heights with their products and give customers something they thought would exist. Tim Cook had an enormous shoes to fill upon the departure of Steve Jobs back in 2011. Without a doubt, he along with his team have done well so far, however only time will tell if he can carry on the huge success of Apple and continue to bring in those large amounts. But we are conscious that nothing really lasts forever. The forthcoming few years will be fascinating and everybody will be closely watching in case the planned Apple’s release of watch will be an additional success or failure.


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What do I think of the Wireless Facts & Myths

With the advancements in technology, the day we live in a fully wireless world is not as far as we might think. The increases we have made up to now in technology are astonishing, however this is only the beginning of a brand new age that lots of folks like to call ‘The Internet of Things’. Devices or every wireless gadgets we have has enriched our lives, control and the convenience our daily bring to our day have in no doubt helped our lives in some way or another, no matter how insignificant they are. For better or for worse, we’re now living in a wireless world, now since there is no escaping from it I chose to train myself at a few of the myths, superstitions, and disinformation concerning wireless technologies and checked if they have some grain of truth in them.

We live in a world where computers appear to be getting smaller in size, while devices like cells are being made to hold an increasing quantity of power. There is one important drawback which comes with each of the modest but powerful computing devices like our smartphone. These devices demand regular charging. Up until now, no universal connector has been invented to charge all the mobile computing devices that we use each day. So, for folks who are traveling with a device aside from their cell, they’ll need different charging connectors as one can’t be used for the other. Even though the idea of having a wireless charging device has been talked about, prototypes are yet to be made. I think this technology will sooner as opposed to afterwards be here with us, though some may believe that wireless charging is a myth.

Wireless devices emit electromagnetic waves which cannot be avoided unless you live in an exceedingly remote place with no such technology. Virtually every dwelling has Wi Fi technology nowadays. As helpful and suitable wireless technology is in our day to day lives, there’s also controversy surrounding it with regard to the ill- effects. A number of studies have been carried out with concerns being raised by some about the carciogenic effect of these wireless transmission. There is no critical evidence to prove that such wireless technology can affect our health in a negative way, but the studies and research viewing this continues. I am still a bit paranoid about it although I love my wireless devices. But now, I have attempted to make it a custom to keep the devices away from me when I am not using them.

A lot of individuals make the wrong premise that the higher speed always means better with the new Wi Fi routers reaching gigabit speed. Regrettably, what most people don’t get is the fact that the real world performance actually is contingent on gadgets or the cellular devices you use. The reason the latest WiFi routers can achieve such rate is because they can support the latest standards that need the use of multiple antennas for the transmission. For your cellular to be capable of using the speed delivered, it has to additionally support the latest standards. If you’re looking for a brand new router, don’t expect your link to magically get faster only because you bought the quickest router you can get your hands off, recall it all depends on your cellular apparatus’ supported standards, your gigabit router is useless if none of your devices have support for gigabit speed.

With the prevalent use of wireless devices, increasingly more people start to think that wireless connections are as reliable as wired connections. Whether this is really an actual fact or a false assumption, this may be determined by the way how you have a look at the problem. If we are entirely comparing about the speed, I do not believe most folks will probably have the ability to tell the dissimilarity between wireless connection versus one that is connected via physical cable. As far as physical connections are concerned, they constantly come with a chance that something may get damaged or go wrong. This is when you understand that troubleshooting wireless connection can really be multiple times less easy than troubleshooting wired connection issues.



The fact of our own lives now is that wireless technology is transforming how we interact with each other and perform our everyday activities. Understanding how some individuals entirely misunderstood wireless technology has been quite informative for me. Just remember that all of this are simply my private opinion no matter how intriguing they may be, and I am also nowhere a specialist in wireless technology nor do I pretend to be one. I simply needed to hopefully separate the facts from fictions with this particular simple article. I’m no expert in regards to this area, so please bring your opinion on wireless technology and do comment and maybe collectively we can differentiate between facts and myths.

Suggestions on selecting a good jewelry armoires

Among the best man-made product which will find its worth appreciating over time is a made jewelry. But jewelry itself is a term that is so extensively and so broadly used abused in many instances. I remember how jewelry pieces were so highly regarded because they are made of such high quallity stuff as silver gold and diamond. Nevertheless, in today’s billion dollars jewelry industry, there are so many cheap imitations which were made broadly available. As a person who’s obsessed about jewelry, I don’t consider affordable replica to be real jewelry. Some of the imitations are not so high in quality that I actually don’t think they deserve a place in the ultimate jewelry cabinet that I ‘ve at home. For those who are enthusiastic about their jewelry, here are few interesting things you should know about your jewelry.

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From platinum to gold that is yellow. From yellowish to black diamond. From platinum to sterling silver. Many different materials have now been used to make jewelry. A material that is more barely accessible will certainly bring higher costs. But you are making your jewelry purchase, you may want to look beyond cost and fashion. This is because certain substances are more sensitive to specific folks and since jewelry investment is normally fairly considerable, this is some thing which you don’t want to take too lightly. This really is the reason we need to be careful when we are selecting items like the best earrings for sensitive ears. For people with sensitive ears, there are particular earrings that may be fashionable but they still need to prevent them just because undesireable effect will be caused by those earrings and cannot be used after the purchase.

A lot of people are inclined to spend lots of money and time inside their jewelry purchases but often overlooked the value of proper jewelry storage. The listing of choices is a never-ending one and it’s your personal preference that will determine which jewelry storage idea is the best choice for you. One of typically the most popular jewelry storage ideas which has survived the test of time has to be those traditional jewelry armoire. Sadly, for those people who really are living in compact urban city where space is a luxurious, traditional jewelry cabinets might be too bulky. The following best idea is a wall-mounted jewelry armoire. However a necklace holder may simply work best notably for those who has large number of necklaces in their own group. Then there is the jewelry tree and also the jewelry box. Based on these few examples alone, you can see it is your unique setting which will ascertain which is the best alternative for you and there are lots of jewelry storage ideas.

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Due to its widespread appeal, jewelry forms one of the major part of the retail industry. Online shopping is increasingly popular especially among the millenial generation who does a lot of their jewelry shopping online. While many people remain skeptical about purchasing jewelry online, informed online shoppers are taking advantages of the convenience and reduced prices which are usually offered by on-line jewelry retailers. It is common for the same elephant necklace that’s selling for hundreds of dollars in conventional brick-and-mortar jewelry retailers to be sold online for just half the cost. Even for such bulky items as jewelry armoire, you can occasionally have 50% savings when compared with the price you’d need to pay when you buy these in the shop.

To me, jewelry is indeed a fascinating subject of discussion. Nothing can stop me from going on and on but I’ll stop here for now. Keep in mind that if any significance is related to it the next time you take a look at a beautiful piece of jewelry such as an elephant pendants, make an effort to discover. Keep in mind that jewelry is a woman’s best friend which suggests that it is essential that you just do everything to protect your investment. As there are dozens of jewelry storage ideas available, do not rush into your selection for jewelry storage. Someone may be telling you that you should get the top-rated jewelry drawer but remember that what works best for her might not be the best for you. But having stated that, for those who are in possession of a jewelry range that is sizable, it may be worth it to get yourself the finest jewelry drawer regardless how expensive it can be.

Little things that go into choosing a memorable engagement rings that makes it so difficult to end up with an ideal ring

Ben Affleck’s selection for a pink diamond engagement ring for Jennifer Lopez on their engagement became the talk of the town not just due to its excessively high cost, but additionally because pink-colored diamond is barely utilized in an engagement ring. The ring had been so unique that people kept talking about it for a number of weeks. While you may not be able to find the money for a ring coming from Harry Winston’s, by taking your extra step within deciding on a distinctive engagement ring will not simply help make it unforgettable, however it may catch other’s attention also.

You may discover that there’s a huge selection of design for diamond engagement rings out there, you can even have one customized to satisfy your particular requirements. However, the mere choice of the metal may already be really perplexing.

Generally, rings are usually made out of white or yellow gold but you can additionally make rings from various other metals such as silver, stainless steel, platinum, titanium and palladium.

The ring’s price may mainly depend on the kind of gem and metal selected. As the prices of gold are always growing, you can consider the various other metal options for your own ring.

The ring setting may also speak to the individuality of the ring and you are able to select a gem that may be special to the recipient. Even though a diamond may be the far more conventional method of expressing its meaning, you are actually free to consider other gems, if you believe it’ll make the ring more special. For instance, you may select a birthstone for the primary setting in order to frame a diamond. The significance of deciding on a distinctive gem for ring setting is that it helps make your ring appear outstanding and special.

Diamonds are available in many different shapes including round, princess, square or even pear-shaped engagement rings. This choice may not end up being easy, therefore you might wish to very carefully observe your intended fiancée whenever she glances at rings or even notice just about any rings she currently owns to determine what shape she loves best.

Apart from a personalized ring, you may also opt for a vintage ring which has been around for several generations. While not really much has developed since diamonds were discovered and began to end up being cut for jewelry, a vintage style engagement rings may stand out as special mainly because of whose finger it could have set on initially.

Sometimes a vintage style ring may end up being the one that has already been worn inside your family or even hers for many generations. This can instantly create a sense of belonging as well as loyalty to your fiancee, as well as the happiness it brings to your loved ones by following tradition. After sometime, the happy couple may hand over the same engagement ring to their kids or grandchildren so they utilize it for engagement with their other half.

Therefore, whether you want a ring that is readily available in the market, a family heirloom or possibly a personalized one, an original ring instantly showcases the time and effort you dedicated, thus making the one you love and the ring even more meaningful. An engagement ring is actually symbolic of love and a unique ring will end up being the center of people’s attraction along with an epitome of your affection.


This is my top X’mas wish list for this year, what are yours?

The drumbeat of holiday festivities is on the horizon.

I could smell the festive mood will soon be here. Times are difficult but it should not stop us from presenting presents to our loved ones right?

I consider myself fortunate since I am still able to afford few gifts, though my budget has notably shrink over the years.

Which was the easy part. Now, the hard part is, if you have to choose a gift to your family members, what shall it be?

Listed below are 3 items that I foresee would be great this season.

Christmas - 8

1. Amazon Kindle Fire HDX

2. Smoothie blender (a Blendtec will be awesome)

3. Coffee maker with grinder (a Nespress will be cool)

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